Dallas Mural Artist Kyle Wadsworth

Residential - Frequently Asked Questions - Businesses


When you call to schedule a free consultation I will come to your home. There is no charge for the consultation. We will discuss your mural and I will show you a portfolio of my work, then I will give you a quote and we will decide on a date to paint.

For residential murals there is a deposit of $100. per job to reserve the calendar dates you would like to paint. Most residential murals take 1-3 days to complete.

Residential Mural prices start at $500-$1,200 for the main scene on one wall and can be $1,400. or more for the entire room. The costs for the mural can double or triple for realistic or highly detailed murals such as figures, portraits, forests, underwater scenes or jungles. When we meet, we can discuss your ideas and find a price that meets your budget.

Frequently asked questions:

How long have you been painting murals?

I painted my first mural when i was in high school for a friend of the family. In 2000, I started my own business painting murals full time.

Are you insured?


I carry full business liability insurance. This protects you and me!

How long does it take?

Most murals take 1-2 days but it can take 3-5 days for a whole room design. Of course large murals can take much longer. REMEMBER! Call early because I stay booked 4-6 weeks out. Please call a month or two before you need the work done so I can get you on the calendar. I try to space out the jobs so I can sometimes fit in smaller jobs, but that is not always possible. So plan ahead and schedule the consultation ASAP.

Will you drive to my area?

I live downtown in Dallas and will drive about an hour in all directions, that covers most of the greater DFW Metroplex.

I also paint murals in Houston, Austin and Oklahoma. There will be a daily stipend to cover travel expenses added to the mural fee.

Will you send other workers to do the painting?


I have an assistant that works with me on some jobs, but I do all the mural work myself. I will never send a crew of workers out to your place to do the job for me. 

Will you paint the room or do I need to do that?


I can also paint the room. If you are ready to change the base colors in your home or business, I also will help you pick refreshing new colors and give the space a professional paint job. Many people will have a mural painted in one area and just have me paint another room a new wall color. The rate for a standard size bedroom is $300. + paint.

Do you use environmental NON-TOXIC paints?


Green Seal certified, (zero V.O.C.), This means that the indoor air remains free of harmful chemicals and odors thus providing a direct benefit to anyone that comes into contact with the products. The paints I use are the most environmentally friendly, highest performing paint products available. There are now several affordable options on the market and I can discuss the options and price points with you during the consultation.

Do you charge for paint?

No, not for the murals.

The only time I add a paint fee is when I am painting the room a new base color. We will discuss the color and brand of paint you prefer to use and I will bring you the receipt for the paint. This assures that we are using quality paints on your job and not the usual contractor grade paints. This paint will stay with you for future touch ups should you need it.

Please feel free to E-mail me if you have any questions.

Please give me a brief description of the job as well


Business murals vary widely and we will need to meet to discuss the details. I have painted indoor and outdoor murals in a wide variety of businesses, yoga studios, hospitals, restaurants & clubs, schools & daycares, apartment buildings,as well as backgrounds for popular catalogs such as Pier One, Container store & Bombay Co. Prices range from $1,000. to $15,000 or more. Nothing is too big or too small, just call and we can discuss your job.

For a quick price quote, e-mail me a picture of the wall and a picture of what you want painted and i can give you a good idea of what the cost will be.