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Business and Residential


  I have focused mainly on Business murals during the Pandemic. I will consider some residential work, it just depends on the scope and creativity of the job.

   If you are looking for a mural for a children's room or the living/dinning room, please call to set up a FREE consultation at your home.  We will look at the walls you want to paint and discuss ideas, colors and pricing. I have painted hundreds of murals in the last 20 years for families all over the DFW area and Waco.

     There is a deposit of $500. per job to reserve the calendar dates you would like to paint. Most residential murals take less than a week to complete.

    Residential Mural prices start at $1,000 for a simple design on one wall. The cost for a more complex design can be 3,000 or more, especially for realistic or highly detailed murals such as figures, portraits, forests, underwater scenes or jungles.

   When we meet, we can discuss your ideas and find a design that meets your budget.



  Business murals vary widely and we will need to meet to discuss the details. I have painted hundreds indoor and outdoor murals and SIGNS in the Dallas and Fort Worth area over the last 20 years for a wide variety of businesses and I am now working in Waco Texas as well!

   I am Fully insured and have experience with Scaffolding, boom lifts and OSHA job sites. I have experience with city permits, road closures and I have given presentations at city council meetings.  Prices start at $2,000 and can run to over 20,000 for larger projects.  Please review the work on my website for examples, and then call so we can discuss your job.

  For a quick price quote, e-mail me a picture of the wall and a picture of what you want painted and I can give you a good idea of what the cost will be.

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